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At St. Barbara Leadership Institute, we believe in a hands-on, creative, and caring learning environment infused with biblical worldview teaching. Our teachers understand the importance of partnering with parents to develop the whole child: mind, body and spirit. Together we invest in our students to help them become the ideal St. Barbara Leadership Institute student whose elementary experiences lay the foundation for Christian leadership in the world.
St. Barbara Leadership Institute’s nurturing teachers challenge the students to do their best while exploring God’s world full of promises and ideas. Teachers provide whole group, small group, and individual instruction to meet all students’ learning needs. Strong language arts, math, science and social studies programs in kindergarten and enable students to develop meaningful connections while understanding these concepts in the context of God’s world.

Lower School Highlights

  • Biblically integrated curriculum

  • Weekly chapel 

  • Emphasis on written communication 

  • Strong phonics-based language arts program 

  • A strong problem solving, manipulative driven math curriculum

  • Foreign language instruction

  • Fine Arts focus through music and art classes

  • Connection to older students serving as positive role models to build a sense of community

  • Aftercare available

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